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Updated: April 17, 2011

One hour to make a fleece Hat

Late April is probably not the ideal time of year to get interested in the design and manufacture of wool hats, but that's what happened to me over the past two days. One night, I decided that I wore a fleece hat for most of the winter is too tight, and decided to make my own. Sewing is new to me, and I'm trying to build their skills with this ancient craft and learn more about how to use their newly acquired sewing machine. How do I do this, and other sewing projects, one of my goals is to develop an educational project for my high school students. slide show showing photos documenting the process of creating his hat in one hour.

Originally, I had to figure out how the hat is constructed. This was done by looking at the hat this winter, taking some notes, making drawings, and figure out how the fabric was cut out and assemble. Grocery bags, it turns out, a good prototype and pattern-making material in recent years, so I found one of those, and opened it. During Saturday afternoon, I made a fleece hat, which was full of mistakes beginners. points in the template should be at number six, not five, as in my first point and the edge must be bent in the shape of rounded top of a hat. two seams on the sides of the head to be sewn first and last stitch should be the one that extends from the front of the head-to-back. For material, I took four inexpensive fleece throw blankets from a local store. One of them is seven and three eight dollars each.

After lunch on Saturday, I decided to redo my template and make one more hat in the evening. After making some changes in design, I was able to cut a piece of cloth that went together very well, but it was too big. As I have sussed out the design and created his own models, I created a picture of design through the process of deconstruction...