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Updated: July 26, 2011

Storm and Possible Tornado in Holyoke MA

Around 5:00pm Holyoke Massachusetts experienced serious storm activity tearing down an industrial complex, damaging trees and causing flash flooding in the area. Dwight street close to Route 5 had knee deep water flash flooding. Local residents were wading though the water and driving seeking cover from hale.

The hale and high winds brought down many trees and branches. Local crafter and programmer Michael Casper reported damage to his gardens with holes though leaves and holes ripped in a thick table cloth "this really tells you how intense a storm this was." Golf ball sized hail has been reported by some residents.

A water line of debree was visible on driveways that were above the flood level. Power was lost by some residents as well as companies in the area. By 7:00pm storm crews were already on Dwight street. Workmen were removing downed tree branches to clear the streets and securing powerlines.

The storm front did damage thoughout the area bringing down an vacant industrial building by the canals. A snapshot was also taken by cellphone of a funnel, further indicating the storms tornadic activity and strenth.