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Ideas for Privacy Screens and Paintball Forts For Kids
Updated: June 11, 2012

Privacy Screen and Paintball Fort made from Logs with a fireplace.

Privacy screens are great for adults and make great fun for kids too! For kids a privacy screen is an easy way to build a fort. They can be made of wood logs making them great for paintball, squirtgun fights or tag. Wood is a great material for building forts, though if you don't have wood you can also use cloth and clothline and to make a portable privacy screen which is great for campsites. Privacy screens can add a great deal of fun to any camping location as well as warmth if you have a firepit. They can reflect heat back to you and shelter your fire from the wind.

Wood Privacy Screen

Building privacy screen (or fort) using wood can be easy if you have the right materials. The easiest way is to use a portable rechargeable drill to drill holes for rope though the wood and then to connect the wood using strong nylon rope or steel bailing wire. For connecting the long beams to the tree, you can either put bolts though the tree or use long ".31in. x 4in. Stainless Steel Lag Eye Bolts Screw Thread" to tie the beams onto. Though keep in mind, this part of the project may require several strong people to move the wooden beams.

Once you have two long beams connected to the tree, then you can use rope or screws to secure wood vertically to the beams. If you use screws, the vertical sticks in your privacy screen can offer additional support for the structure. Put in as many or as few vertical sticks to create the privacy look you want.


  • Logs or boards
  • rope
  • Stainless Steel Lag Eye Bolts, screws or nails

Cloth Privacy Screen

A cloth is a portable alternative to building a perminant wood structure and can be just as fun! Some materials for building a cloth privacy screen are:

  • Garden cloth or garden fabric which is usually used for keeping weeds down in gardens.
  • Clothsline or nylon rope
  • Staples, thread or silocone glue to connect the sheets of garden cloth
  • Scissors
  • Some stones or bricks to hold down the bottom of the cloth.

Note: If you spray the privacy screen or your chairs with bug spray, you will have a lot less bugs bothing you.

Fire Pit

Another great addition to this arrangement is a firepit. An open firepit or a screened fireplace with some seating can make a great gathering area your campsite complete.